Motor Accident Claims Tribunals deal with claims relating to loss of life/property and injury cases resulting from Motor Accidents. There are eleven MACT Courts in Tis Hazari apart from four Courts in Karkardooma Courts Complex and three in Patiala House. The Claims are to be directly filed in the concerned Tribunal. For a complete district wise list of Tribunals, please press here.



MACT Courts are presided over by Judicial Officers from Delhi Higher Judicial Service. Now these Courts are under direct supervision of the Hon’ble High Court.



The format for filing the petition is annexed herewith.  Following documents should accompany the petition: -


1. Copy of the FIR registered in connection with said accident, if any.
2. Copy of the MLC/Post Mortem Report/Death Report as the case may be.
3. The documents of the identity of the claimants and of the deceased in a death case.
4. Original bills of expenses incurred on the treatment alongwith treatment record.
5. Documents of the educational qualifications of the deceased, if any.
6. Disability Certificate, if already obtained, in an injury case.
7. The proof of income of the deceased/injured.
8. Documents about the age of the victim.
9. The cover note of the third party insurance policy, if any.
10.An affidavit detailing the relationship of the claimants with the deceased.