Apart from administrative work, the District Judge looks after the work of assigning civil cases to the Courts of Additional District Judges. The District Judge also deals with probate and guardianship cases.


Filing is to be done in Room No. 204, Tis Hazari Courts Complex. District Judge holds the Court in Room No.301, Tis Hazari Courts Complex.



2. Additional District Judges


The original jurisdiction of these Courts is between Rs.3.00 Lacs to Rs.20.00 Lacs. All civil matters within this jurisdiction like suits for recovery possession damages and partition etc. are to be filed at the filing branch attached with the office of the Ld. District Judge. The District Judge assigns these matters to different Courts of Additional District Judges for trial. The Additional District Judges also hear appeals against orders of the Civil Judges upto the valuation of Rs.3.00 Lacs.


All the cases are to be filed in Room No.204 Tis Hazari Courts. For complete list of Additional District Judges their jurisdiction and Room Nos. please press here.



3. Senior Civil Judge/ Civil Judges


Cases upto Rs.3.00 Lacs are to be filed in the Court of Senior Civil Judge who assigns the same to different Courts of Civil Judges. Some of the appellate powers have also been delegated to the Senior Civil Judge, like he can hear appeals:


a)         in a small cause of a value not exceeding Rs.1,000/-

b)         in a land suit of a value not exceeding Rs.250/-

c)         in an unclassed suit of a value not exceeding Rs.500/-.


There are some specialized Courts of Civil Judges concerning the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Union of India, and Delhi Development Authority etc. There is an exclusive Court for commercial cases and remaining Courts deal with all types of cases. Civil Courts are situated at all the Court Complexes.


Cases are to be filed in the Court of Senior Civil Judge at Room No.11, Tis Hazari Courts Complex. You may view complete list of Civil Judges and their place of sitting by pressing here.



4. Rent Controller/ Additional Rent Controllers


All matters under the Delhi Rent Control Act in respect of Landlord Tenant disputes are filed before the Rent Controller, who may either try the cases himself or assign them to Additional Rent Controllers. Most of the Courts of Additional Rent Controllers are at Tis Hazari and rest of them are at Karkardooma and Rohini.  As per the Gazette Notification dated 28.6.2000 all the officers of Delhi Judicial Service, who have completed five years in service, are automatically vested with the powers of Additional Rent Controllers.


Petitions under the Delhi Rent Control Act are to be filed in the Court of the Rent Controller in Room No.344 Tis Hazari Courts Complex. Complete list of Additional Rent Controllers with Room Nos. and place of sitting is available here.


Appeals lie to Rent Control Tribunal. Appeals are to be filed in Room No.9 for Tis Hazari Courts and for Karkardooma Courts in the Court of Additional Rent Control Tribunal in Room No.6.


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